Kiss of Light

Kiss of Light

 I Love You Dear Mountains

never expect your love in return,


You fill the void in my heart so well…


Just keep doing this the way you do,

So I’m always this eager to return

Like a beautiful dream of a young woman peeping out of the early morning covers of subtle laziness, not so awake, the sweet, lovable, heartwarming, tangled, curled up curls falling on her face, embracing the simple beauty and grace God has given her. The soft redness of the rising morning sun glistening off her fair maiden cheeks, make my heart melt.

I experience love O Dear Love. I experience God with You, I experience God in You rather… with You I experience you as You and me as Me.

Still behind the dark mountains, the sun peeps like an innocent naughty young boy. Not so awake.. he is soft, not harsh, glowing softly not shining bright. I feel his warmth… his sweet warmth and he kisses you My Love..and you start to shine and smile, and shy like a young girl… first time in love, experiencing the magical sweet dream of first love… you look beautiful…. just beautiful beyond words.

As the day passes and so do our lives get burdened with the existential crisis of our daily routines, the sun matures and… so do you. He shines with all his might… becomes stronger and more powerful with the passing day. He shines bright and strong. One cannot look at him anymore. He has to survive through the day, so he has to be tough and you… bold… O Dear, so people find you difficult to possess, own, achieve… like a trophy, a prized possession…shimmering white… ‘Bold and Beautiful’.

But as the day ends, and so do our lives…. the existential crisis is no longer important or necessary. With an ending day or with an ending life, the sun, is soft again and so are you My Love, soft and humble, courteous and lovable again. The sweet love for you, brings tears to my eyes. I wish I could be with you, my ashes may saunter and sway peacefully in the joyous winds that kiss your lips and your feet every day, every time, every hour of this quintessentially complex life of reason and ever evading, ever-changing meaning. My love, I wish… I could be with you forever and ever and ever… you are beautiful.

And, with the evening, like an adorably tired woman, you are again in your covers of peace and tranquility, the mighty sun is soft again, bowed, on his knees, humbly and quietly kissing you on your other cheek this time… and you look so beautiful after the days tedious activities, curled up again in your covers, the curls hanging loose again, falling on your face, and the sweet fair glistening red cheeks glowing again, but on the different side this time. And the light kisses you one last time for the day, and the setting sun, sleeps again to rise again… with You.


2 thoughts on “Kiss of Light

  1. Hey..
    beautifully put up, takes us through d full day journey…frm waking up to closing the eye shutters, wid ur love n d naughty boy..

    Myself being an amatuer, few things I think didn understand very well…

    lik: u hav used sweet, lovable, heartwarming, tangled, curled up.. also the
    as adj for curls????
    (curls r curled up only)

    lik :

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